Get Comfort and Space in a Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are a beloved choice for rv’ers for a number of reasons. Between the lighter tow weight, luxury interiors, and the vast amount of customization options, travel trailers will make everyone feel right at home.  Being able to travel with all of your family and friends always makes a new adventure more fun.  Consider a travel trailer with a bunkhouse!  There are so many different models and floor plans with bunkhouses, you will be sure to find one that fits you and your family.

Forest River Wildwood Bunkhouse
Bunkhouses can give you sleeping space and extra storage!
Palomina Puma Bunkhouse
Different styles of bunkhouses give you the space you need.











A bunkhouse can give you extra sleeping space for up to four more individuals in your travel trailer.  Check out some of our most popular travel trailers with bunkhouses:

  • Palomino Puma-The Puma is a rugged built, easy-to-tow, travel trailer that will make your next adventure fun & carefree. Puma offers you many floorplan choices including the largest selection of bunk models in the industry. The majority of these models are 1/2 ton towable.
  • Forest River Wildwood X-Lite-If you are looking for something a little more luxurious, look no further. The Wildwood boasts a wide living area with entertainment and a kitchen fit for a king.  Relax and enjoy the supreme finishes included in these models.
  • Forest River Vibe Extreme Lite-The Vibe has two slides and a bunkhouse.  Plenty of room for storage and entertainment for your family.  And don’t worry-the kids go in the bunkhouse, you stay in the master bedroom with the cushy queen size bed.  Everyone is happy in the Vibe Extreme Lite.
  • Gulf Stream Kingsport-Not only does this have a bunkhouse, but they contain two double beds!  With this much sleeping space plus a great kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, you may never leave your Kingsport to go back to the real world!

Don’t miss out on any more of the fun you could have in a travel trailer bunkhouse model rv.  With room for kids and adults alike, it’s a great answer to the search for a nice family rv.  Contact us today at Fun Town RV Houston to drive away with your favorite model!

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